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Shop for HP Supplies 14.0

Simplifies online shopping for original HP accessories
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This freeware assistant is used for buying original HP ink cartridges, toner, and paper. It lets users select the model of their printer and directly access the online shop HP SureSupply. Appropriate supplies for the selected printer model will be suggested.

This free software makes it simple to shop for Original HP ink, toner, and paper.
Select the printer you want to shop for, and then click "Shop online." You'll be connected to the HP SureSupply ordering site, where you'll see a list of the supplies that work with your printer. You'll find exactly what you need without having to look up part numbers.

You can view purchase options, which may include the ability to check availability, compare prices and purchase from HP or from participating online retailers, printing a personal shopping list, finding a local store or obtaining a telephone number to place an order (purchase options vary by country).

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